How to talk to a casino dealer?

When you are playing blackjack, craps or roulette the dealer act as the master of the game. He controls the cards and regulates the game with fair manner. Well if you don’t know how to treat the dealer when you are on a game then the first thing you need to do is respect him or her.

Dealers have to deal with various types of players which include drunk and angry players. Also, they run the game without any delay no matter what the circumstance is. They count the chips in a second while tolerating the punters.

As a gamer, there is no crime to have a conversation with the dealer. Well if you think much deeper into this factor you might be wondering whether you can talk about just the game or something which is off the topic with the dealer.

Talking to the Casino dealer

Let me tell you something, you can talk about almost anything in this world to the dealer but not all the dealers are going to be the same. You might have a very friendly and open dealer who even cracks the conversation to the players in general.

What should I talk about

If they start the conversation, they are most likely to be talking about the game obviously. On the other hand, you can also start the conversation but make sure you are not making the dealer and other players suspicious even if it is not your intention or is it?

While playing the game, most tables are going to be quiet but having a little conversation is always accepted. You have to be very comfortable with the talking and also keep in mind that your conversation with the dealer can distract you, the dealer and the other players.

Most players and dealers like to concentrate on the game. But if you are one of those who would like to be friends with a dealer then keep reading this article to know how to talk to Casino dealer.

Casino games are for the professional gamblers although amateurs come too. But the games are depending on luck so basically everybody can win and everybody can lose.

How to start up the conversation with Casino dealer?

When you are going to gamble look for the nearest seat available to the dealer. There you can start the conversation as a normal person would do. The dealer will also not going to be suspicious of anything.

As I’ve said before that not all the dealers are friendly, you can still not crack the conversation if your dealer is not friendly. The dealer will try to stop the flow of conversation by reporting you with one word or two.

If the dealer is friendly and is talking to everyone on the deck, then it would be easier for you to even talk about things are not related to Casino. Start the conversation by talking about the game or Casino in general even if you desperately want to know about where he lives and how much he earns.


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