The Dark Secrets of every casino in the world

There is no doubt that Casinos are the place where there are lots of dark secrets arise which you may not know. Although casinos are well lit with nice chandeliers which match perfection casinos are full of dark secrets.

There is a saying “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” which is ironically the truth behind all the secrets which should not be known by the outsiders.

So in this article, I will reveal some of the darkest secrets of Casinos.

  1. Casinos have complicated floor plans

If you are one of the regular customers in the casinos in Vegas, then you need to observe the structure and floors of the buildings. So you might find it hard to reach the black jack table or shiny slot machine, but the temptation of playing the game keeps you going.

The purpose of this complex flooring could be the hide out of some MVP areas.

  1. Bigger bets, bigger wins

There is a big chance of winning if you bet bigger. Remember this theory. The offers you get from medium to big casinos are the slots for millionaire progressive jackpots, and you will never be able to hit most of the slots.

So you have to check the limits and payouts of the slot machine before you even think about playing it. So bet bigger to win bigger otherwise you can lose a big amount of your asset/money and win just a little amount of money.

  1. Casinos estimate how much players gamble

High rollers get free things from the casinos, but it’s one of the secrets which is knowing exactly how much the player is gambling.

So if you want to be treated like high rollers then you can stock up your pockets with money and gamble with big money.

Take out $10,000 if you plan to lose $1000. This will get the attention of the staff and will provide of all the free thing such as drinks, meals and even a hotel room.

  1. You might have been encouraged with a lovely scent

The casinos have some other purpose of delivering the scent which you sparks your nose. Research shows that it invokes or encourage you in some ways to play more.

  1. Bring your watch

Casinos have all the facilities for you, but a single clock is available inside the casino. The clock will make you realise how late you are which the casino doesn’t want you to know.

The more time you spent in the casino, the more there is the chance of you winning or losing vice versa for the casino.

  1. You gamble faster with music and light

The pace of your gambling gets faster with music which is upbeat. Also, the red lights make you bet faster and gamble faster. So remember to have conscious mind when it is your chance to bet next time.

So here are some of the darkest secrets of the big casinos

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